The following are maps I made with tiles I was comissioned to do for the virtual world platform in 2020. Initially, there were no palette restrictions, but for the trainset the DB32 palette was introduced. I believe they have changed a lot of the tilesets, but I'm still very proud of these.
Gather is a virtual world to hang with friends online. The beer garden was probably my favorite tileset. The barrels were full, and the boat particularly satisfying.
Chairs and seats overall were initially a lot smaller, but the client insisted they were bigger so that they would contain the entirety of the avatars. In that way, it's very different from games were they are usually window dressing, but part of me still wishes they were smaller. 
Campi, classrooms, auditoriums and hanging spaces were all created with a few variations of the same tileset. 
Once the train station tilesets rolled around, the team decided on using the DB32 palette. 

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