I was lucky enough to have been comissioned to make inside art for Dungeon Tactics in pixel art form! Thus fulfilling my life long dream to work in a TTRPG book. This first image is what it looks like in the book proper, but most of the uploaded art here is the raw illustrations that were used to design the book itself!
This particular cover attempt actually went unused in the book! I still think it looks pretty cool, and the Chrono Trigger homage is pretty obvious.
Here we have the 12 playable classes in the game! Although it doesn't really get mentioned in the final text, each of these initially had a star sign attached to it. Some are more obvious - the fish in Beastmasters mouth represents Pisces and the after image on the Scoundrel represents Gemini - but a few of the connections ended up being more abstract in nature: the Flame Weaver raises a leg like a scorpion for Scorpio, for instance, or the slightly crab inspired headpiece on the Frostlord.
A few enemies where also comissioned. I particularly like the Orc Shaman. 
The spreads below were made as chapter covers, and I'm really fond of these. I made sure to feature the dark skinned characters in the equipment cover as I really believe in making TTRPGs more visually diverse! Speaking of which, I had complete control over the Class illustration designs, and I'm really proud to have tried my best to include as many women and people with darker skin in those - even happier that those were accepted by the author and in the end it meant that the final cover - not an illustration of mine - managed to retain a lot of skin tone diversity. 
Coming up with attack poses for the previous designs was really cool. The cool thing about illustration versus game design is that I didn't have to worry to much about how these would look in other directions and so I just really had fun. 
We have some of the interiors themselves below! I think the team did a great job putting the book together and I was pleasantly suprised with the inclusion of the heads of the sprites I made as inserts. Good times all round. 

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