Slay the Necromancer is a single stage GBC styled action prototype released in 2019 
This was a solo-dev endeavor, with all the art and code made by me.
GBC style restrictions means each asset gets a four color palette - usually reduced to three, as one is reserved for transparency. 
The playable character was supposed to be one of four, but turned out to be the single one. His sword is actually animated separately as a way to make things easier on the programming side. 
The HUD portrait takes a cue from Doom and changes up as your health goes down. 
The necromancer was the most fun enemy to create and animate - probably because he only has one direction, meaning things can be more complex without fear of doing them on all the others. The vampire was fun too - the idea was a giant bat that uses its wings as a cape. When the design turned out to be quite bland from the back, I thought adding face-like markings would be whimsical, too. 
You can download and play Slay the Necromancer here.

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